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Colemine Records was started by accident in 2007.  Terry Cole and buddy, Louis Rideout, had just finished an album called The City.  The album was an extension of the hip-hop/funk band they were in at the time called Soundscape. We wanted to seem legitimate and shopping the record around to labels wasn't appealing.  So, they developed some artwork and made up a label....Colemine.
Since that first release Colemine has worked with many talented musicians and producers.  Their extended family seems to grow every year and they have no plans of slowing down. The goal for Colemine was always very, very simple - to release music that they love and help those that create that music in any way possible.  
It wasn't until the stars aligned just right towards the end of 2014 that Terry could officially say that running Colemine Records was his "job".  His younger brother, Bob, joined to make plans for a brick & mortar record store to compliment the expanding label.  Within a week of the idea they had a business plan, a location, and a one-year lease.  Thus Plaid Room Records in downtown Loveland, OH was born.  And since opening, both businesses have complimented each other while each continues to grow and reach its full potential.

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