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General Press

"Cyd Gottlieb, Lizzie Friedman & Torch Sanchez"
Women In Vinyl, 12.16.2023

"Tim Friedman"
Artifacts Podcast, 08.31.2023

"Record Store Recon review"
Goldmine Magazine, 10.07.2022

"Record Store Recon audio"
Goldmine Podcast, 10.07.2022

"Vinyl Lives: Toledo’s Culture Clash Keeps The Art Form Of Collecting Alive"
Glide Magazine, 06.27.2023

"A Discussion That Changes Tim's Life"
Toledo City Paper, 05.05.2017

"Live @ Culture Clash, vol 3"
Toledo City Paper, 02.02.2021

"Around T-Town"
Jaden Jefferson, 08.31.2022

"Ethan Gets Into Vinyl"
13ABC, 02.21.2023

"Over 25,000 Records To Choose From"
WTOL11, 11.28.2019

"Live @ Culture Clash vinyl"
Toledo Blade, 03.28.2019

Needle Drop Podcast, 2018

Living Life Fearless, 2019


Relocation Press

13ABC, 07.28.2020

WTOL11, 07.27.2020

FOX36, 07.28.2020

Toledo Blade, 07.27.2020


Pandemic Press

Toledo City Paper, 08.25.2020

Toledo City Paper, 05.26.2020

Ideastream, 05.02.2022


Event Press


"Record Store Day 2022"

"Record Store Day 2023"
Toledo Blade

"Record Store Day 2023"
Toledo Blade

"Record Store Day 2022"

"Aug Stone reading 2023"
Toledo City Paper

"She Speaks 2022"
Toledo City Paper


Pat O'Connor Press

NBC24, 12.28.2016


"Bring Back the Record Roof", 03.09.2016

"You’re Never That Far From Toledo"
The Museum of Americana