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Culture Clash Crew

A record store is the product of the kind people inside who listen, curate, and connect every day. Here are the faces* you'll see at Culture Clash Records.

*Faces may have shifted slightly during aging.



I took over Culture Clash in May 2017, following in the footsteps of the late Pat O'Connor. Pat - who spent his entire adult life running Boogie Records and Culture Clash Records - was an icon to a young man like me, whose unshakable dream has been to share a passion for music and for records. Record stores are a place for acceptance, for enthusiasm, for sharing art that makes us feel, makes us happy. Record stores provide the soundtracks for our lives. Record stores have always been special to me, and Culture Clash was my favorite place long before I was running the joint.

FAVORITE ARTISTS include Talking Heads, Aesop Rock, Harry Nilsson, and Pedro The Lion


“TORCH” - FAVORITE ARTISTS include Selena, Leonard Cohen, Erikah Badu, and Hole.


FAVORITE ARTISTS include Selena, Leonard Cohen, Erikah Badu, and Hole


MATT - FAVORITE ARTISTS include Melvins, Black Sabbath, T Rex, and WAX.


FAVORITE ARTISTS include Melvins, Black Sabbath, T Rex, and WAX

Culture Clash buys pre-spun vinyl from all over Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. No collection is too large or small. We make fair offers and can provide payment in cash, store credit, PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp for your desirable and rare LPs, as well as 45s, CDs, tapes, and gently used stereo equipment. We look at everything that comes in the door during normal business hours. On-site inspections are available for large collections.

Feel free to contact us with questions...


LPs should be complete with original sleeves and be free of scratches, mold, and dirt. Condition is very important when determining the value of LPs. The same goes for 45s - or 7 inches - although plain sleeves are acceptable. Not all Beatles & Elvis albums are as valuable as eBay may lead you to believe. Sorry! But MILLIONS of these records were sold and there's a lot of them floating around.

We buy both obvious and obscure genres and titles, depending partially on our current inventory, but here’s what we are most interested in:

  • Punk & Post Punk LPs and 45s
  • Heavy Metal LPs and 45s
  • Indie Rock LPs and 45s from the 80’s to now
  • Classic Rock
  • Jazz LPs
  • Hip Hop & Rap LPs
  • Soul, Funk, and R&B LPs and 45s from the 1950’s to the present
  • Country, Folk, and Bluegrass from the 30’s through 80’s
  • Reggae, Dub, and Ska LPs
  • Blues LPs


We get by with a little help from our friends. Our record store’s legacy, evolution, and future is due in large part to the 419 community that gathers at our small cultural hub. Here are just a few of the Toledo-based businesses, organizations, and artists that we consider Friends of Culture Clash. We love to partner with new friends - contact us if you’ve got an idea!


Little Elephant

Toledo’s Little Elephant started as a recording studio and YouTube channel featuring in-house performances from area and touring punk + emo bands. The small pachyderm has evolved to offer custom, high quality lathe-cut vinyl records for bands, artists, labels, etc.
Little Elephant is an integral partner for our Live @ Culture Clash LP series, and more!


Screenin’ Fever

Mark Metzger is our kind of multi-hyphenate! When not playing on stage with any number of punk bands, Mark continues to improve his many other talents. Screenin’ Fever is Mark’s hand-pulled screen printing company, focused on supplying bands with fresh merch.
Screenin’ Fever has printed most of our shirts, and Mark’s carpentry can be seen on the record bins inside Culture Clash!


The Switchboard

Culture Clash shares its downtown corner with this fresh and essential Toledo watering hole. Pouring from one of six craft taps, cracking open a cold can or bottle, or mixing a delectable, unpretentious mixed drink, the crew at The Switchboard is always welcoming.
The Switchboard hosts live - and mostly local - music several days a week, and we look forward to making many connections in our unique shared space.


The Arts Commission

The Arts Commission supports, promotes and connects visual, performing, and literary artists, arts organizations and businesses. By serving and connecting regional artists and the general public to information and opportunities that inspire a creative life, and through innovative programming, public art, artist services, inclusive youth programs, and community events – The Arts Commission inspires a vibrant community in Toledo.
Culture Clash has begun coordinating with The Arts Commission on some upcoming surprises.

Alliance of independent Media Stores

Our store’s original founder Pat O’Connor established Culture Clash as a formative member of AIMS - a group of forward-thinking music stores across the country dedicated to bringing the best music shopping experience possible. AIMS stores are all locally owned and are widely varied in “look and feel,” but are united in their dedication to putting artistic integrity ahead of mass-market commercial hype. In other words, it’s about the music. We are not a chain, but rather 28 independent stores located in 28 cities coast to coast, working together to benefit our customers and record label partners. Visit any of our fellow AIMS stores and you’ll find a wide selection of music that goes far deeper than most mass-market retailers. Through our combined efforts we’ve helped support artists from the beginnings of their careers, and we’re here to support the labels that support them.
The nearest AIMS stores we fully recommend checking out when you’re outside of Toledo are UHF Records (Royal Oak, MI), Vertigo Music (Grand Rapids, MI), Landlocked Music (Bloomington, IN), Luna Music (Indianapolis, IN), and Shake It Records (Cincinnati, OH).


The Full 90

The Full 90 is a close-knit group of Toledo-area football fans who gather to watch European Premier Leagues + Cups. In the past, Culture Clash has appeared with a pop-up shop to spin and sell vinyl during The Full 90’s pre-pandemic run.
Now, Culture Clash welcomes The Full 90 to our very own building downtown. They’ll be served well by The Switchboard, and we’ll turn up the tunes for ‘em during the breaks between halves.


Beautiful Anonymous

Comedian Chris Gethard launched his Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People (Beautiful/Anonymous) podcast in 2016 with a simple premise: “1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred.” Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he can’t hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical discussions and shameless self-promotion, anything can and will happen!
During the few months between the passing of Culture Clash founder Pat O’Connor and the sale of the business to owner Tim Friedman, Friedman got through to Gethard and mulled over whether he should leave his market research career to take over his favorite shop.
Spoiler alert: Tim bought Culture Clash. Chris later recorded an episode of his podcast there. The two chatted for an episode of “Beautiful Follow-Ups.” This has created a secret handshake of sorts when B/A listeners make their way to the magical little record shop discussed on their favorite podcast.


Community Solidarity Response Network

The Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo (CSRNT) is a group of mobilized and concerned citizens, dedicated to creating direct and peaceful action against police violence.
Noting that the City spends 31 cents of every tax revenue dollar on the Toledo Police Department, CSRN member Julian Mack said “there is no evidence to show that increased spending on policing brings about a reduction in crime.” Mack said that he and his fellow CSRN colleagues are calling on the City of Toledo to:
1. Redirect funds towards programs and services that address basic human needs
2. Increase public transparency about police misdeeds
3. Provide information to the public to hold the Toledo Police Department accountable.
Specifically, CSRN is seeking a reallocation of half of the TPD budget to programming for affordable housing, job transportation, education and health care.
Culture Clash supports CSRN (and other local #BlackLivesMatter organizers) by donating all proceeds from our Black Lives Matter signs.


Erin Kunz Design

Artist and graphic designer Erin Kunz has developed her creative and professional skills through years of experience at Interrupt and Toledo Museum of Art. Before Erin made her impact on our record store, she attended a David Bazan house show in future-owner Tim’s living room. The first thing she noticed was a piece of her own artwork that Tim and his wife had enthusiastically purchased from Handmade Toledo and hung by their front door.
Erin Kunz developed the branding and the Culture Clash universe which was unveiled in April 2019, and has already inspired contributions from more area artists.


Sailor Woody

Sailor Woody is a tattoo artist established at Toledo’s Infinite Art Tattoo - right by our legacy store on Secor Rd. He’s been adding fresh ink to skin since 1989 and is responsible for a good number of Culture Clash + spaceship tattoos.
Woody has designed two of our raddest Culture Clash shirts. The “Woody mk II” is available in the store and right here.


Girl Parts Publishing & Productions

Rachel Richardson worked at Culture Clash’s first location in the Westgate Shopping Center and is a true asset to Toledo’s art scene.
Of her experiences at Culture Clash, Rachel says, “My life was enriched by the opportunity to work closely with Pat. His death shook me and inspired me. I feel like he is still in my heart, cheering on all of my creative endeavors just the way he did when he was living. Tim has honored Pat’s legacy while taking the shop to the next level - and downtown!!”
Rachel and her partner Yusuf Lateef have illustrated and printed a children’s book written by their 4-year-old Naima, detailing a plan for kids and grownups to collect worms so Donald Trump can eat them when he goes to prison.


Boochy Mama's Kombucha from Great Lakes Tonics

Stacy Jurich is our Boochy Mama. She learned how to brew kombucha in a sustainable Hawaiian eco-village, and returned to Toledo to found Great Lakes Tonics (home of Boochy Mama’s Probiotic Tonics) in 2015.
Inspired by the beauty, essence + magic of the forest, Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonics are living, raw, fermented, enzymatic, probiotic tonics made with intentional + inspired botanicals. Kombucha is an ancient elixir of life with seemingly boundless benefits.
Boochy Mama’s handcrafts theirs in small batches in downtown Toledo - right around the corner from Culture Clash. We proudly stock (and drink) seasonal + CBD kombucha from Boochy Mama’s.