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Vinyl Me Please

VMP exists to create a deeper connection to music for all.

We are storytellers, curators & a community who understand the impact a great album can have on someone. And, we are firm believers that vinyl is the best medium for creating these experiences.

We’re fascinated by the long (sometimes grueling) journey a record takes by the time it’s in your hands — from artist to studio to pressing plant, and beyond. Because of our dedication to the process and the people behind it, we put tremendous effort into building relationships and always work with partners whose expertise, knowledge, skill and passion allow us to deliver the best product we can.

We take time getting to know the stories behind every record, listening to test pressings and reviewing art before production even begins. We don’t just do this because it’s our job — we do it because we absolutely love vinyl and all that goes into it.

Our mission is what compels us to celebrate and champion the culture, history and art of great albums. We would never expect you to love everything that we release, but we promise you'll find something here that is new to you and deepens your relationship with music.

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