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Indian Records Inc

Since 1964, Indian Records, Inc. has constantly raised the bar for traditional
Native American recordings.  Because of the quality of music we produce, we
receive calls from all over the world for rights to our music to be used for
international purposes.   You can hear our music in the feature film The Doors
(1991) Directed by Oliver Stone.   The BBC of London has used our music on
documentaries as well as other European film makers.   The Education Television
Association of South Dakota included some of our music for a documentary they
produced.  We are listed in the Library of Congress as a source for Native
American music and several recordings exist in libraries across the country
including the library for the National Air Force Academy.   Author Virginia Giglio
used some of our recordings on a CD that accompanied her book “Cheyenne
Womens Songs”.  We’ve also been honored to provide the background music for
the national television commercial advertising the  Smithsonian / Minneapolis
Institute of Arts exhibit, Beauty, Honor, & Tradition.

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