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Vinylogy LLC established 2008 in Moscow — at the time company trade with Mirumir Music Publishing and its sublabels (Vinyl Lovers, DOXY and Lilith) vinyl records. 2010 marked distribution of Holland label Music On Vinyl, and next two years showed an enormous increase of Vinylogy catalog, which contained literally hundreds of thousands positions by the autumn of 2011. At the same time Vinilogy formed its own dealer net all over Russia and worked on rules of domestic distribution. Finally, December 2011 Vinylogy started work with Mirumir record company as exclusive distributor of this biggest Russian local vinyl record company. This co-operative work leads directly to newest vinyl boom in Russia and great interest for re-releasing some Russian and Soviet classic rock and pop recordings on Mirumir label. At the moment Vinylogy is still most proficient distributor of vinyl records all over both Russia and C.I.S. countries. Vinylogy is one of very few Russian distributors, which work on the territory of the whole world.