Big Thief - Capacity

Big Thief - Capacity


Big Thief has been a breath of fresh air in indie rock. Their 2016 debut, Masterpiece, was a silently great album that showcased the incredible potential of lead singer/songwriter Adrienne Lenker. Their follow up, Capacity, has taken all of the great parts of Masterpiece and honed them into an emotionally affecting and concise collection of songs. This one is definitely a grower: after a couple of listens you won't be able to get the melodies out of your head. 


1. Pretty Things

2. Shark Smile

3. Capacity

4. Watering 

5. Coma 

6. Great White Shark 

7. Mythological Beauty 

8. Objects

9. Haley 

10. Mary 

11. Black Diamonds

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